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Cambridge University Reporter


Publishing content in the Reporter

The best way to submit items for publication in the Reporter is via email (to The Reporter team will always try to acknowledge receipt of your email, and let you know in which issue your notice will be published. Short notices (such as job adverts, events or lecture listings) can be embedded in the body of the email itself, but notices longer than a few lines should ideally be attached as Word or rtf documents. Submissions via PDF, hardcopy, or scanned documents should be avoided to cut down on transcription and formatting errors (and save us time). 

Each week the Reporter team receives a vast number of emails from numerous sources across the University submitting content and querying information. With this in mind it is helpful if:

  • only final and approved content is submitted (no drafts please); 
  • submissions are made in timely fashion (one or two weeks before publication is great);  
  • submissions are made in Reporter house-style or as close as possible to it (see 'Reporter sections and terminology').

It is important that contributors submitting information are appropriately authorised to do so. Guidance on drafting different types of notices is provided in the 'Reporter sections and terminology' section. For further help with writing or formatting content, please email the Reporter team.

Please note that the inclusion of content is at the discretion of the Editor.

Useful questions and checklist:

Before submitting items for publication, it might be helpful to think about the questions below. If you need any help or are unsure about anything do let the Reporter team know, by phone or email - we'll always do our best to help.

 1. What issue of the Reporter does the content need to be published in (is there a formal deadline, e.g.  prescribed in the Statutes and Ordinances)?

 2. Given the length of the notice, what is the Reporter deadline for my submission?

 3. Under what authority/section is the content being published?

 4. Is this a final version of the content or is it likely to change / are there any further approvals that must be sought prior to submission / has everyone who needs to be consulted been consulted?

 5. Is the content formatted to Reporter house-style? / are there any published examples of similar notices that can be used as a template?

 6.  Is the content publication-ready? If so, it can be sent to