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Cambridge University Reporter

The Cambridge University Reporter is the University's journal of official business and the primary means through which official information and governance-related matters are conveyed by the University to its members and the wider community.

'Ordinary' issues of the Reporter are published weekly in term time with 'Special' issues published at set times throughout the year. Ordinary issues are divided into two parts: the official part, which carries University Notices and information issued under authority; and the unofficial part, which carries items such as reports of Discussion, fly-sheets, and College and Society notices. The Reporter became an online-only publication in 2011 and issues are available to view in both html and pdf versions from the 1997-98 academical year to the present. Although certain types of information are accessible only to the current University community, the majority of the items included are publicly accessible and free to view by all.

The Registrary is the official Editor of the Reporter but University Officers in the Governance and Compliance Division of the UAS manage its publication.

Publication schedule 2019-20

16 April 2020: The normal publication schedule for the Reporter, which was due to run weekly until 22 July 2020, has been temporarily suspended.

Contributors should note that items submitted for publication during this period will only be included in future issues as and when appropriate.

Issues this academic year

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