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Cambridge University Reporter


The Cambridge University Reporter is the University's journal of official business. It is published 'by authority' of the University of Cambridge and plays a principal role in recording the formal business of the University. As such, the Reporter is closer in nature to a traditional gazette than to a magazine or newsletter, with the majority of its content comprising Notices issued by governance bodies at various levels within the University.

The Reporter is split into two parts, 'official' and 'unofficial', with named sections in each operating their own rules on inclusion (usually determined by nature and issuing body). Often prescribed by the Statutes and Ordinances, the submission and acceptance of items for publication is tightly controlled and generally limited to the Collegiate University's governance and administrative bodies, school and non-school institutions, the Colleges, and certain other University societies and affiliates. The University of Oxford may include short notices in the unofficial section but otherwise content is restricted and submissions from individuals or non-Cambridge institutions are not accepted

Notices and content are regularly issued by the following sources:

  • The Vice-Chancellor
  • The Registrary
  • The University Council
  • The General Board of the Faculties
  • Faculty Boards and Degree Committees (examinations, Tripos and degree information)
  • Faculties and Departments (events, vacancies, etc)
  • The Unified Administrative Service (e.g. Academic Division, Human Resources Division, Finance Division, etc)
  • Boards, Syndicates and related institutions
  • The Colleges (elections, vacancies, events, obituaries, etc)
  • Major University trust funds
  • University societies (non-student)
  • University of Oxford
  • Other University officers (e.g. the University Librarian, the University Bellringer)
  • Members of the Regent House (fly-sheets and Discussion remarks)

For information on how to make a submission please see 'submitting content for publication'. For a breakdown of each Reporter section and examples of content types, please see 'Reporter sections and terminology'. The inclusion of notices and other content in the Reporter is at the discretion of the Editor. As always, enquiries should be made by email to

Reporter deadlines

Short notices:      
4pm on Friday before publication the following Wednesday/Thursday

Examples: Job vacancies, boards of electors, events, obituary notices, all College notices (elections, vacancies, events, memorials etc), Oxford notices

Longer notices:
As early as possible and by at least 10am on Thursday before publication the following week
Examples: Form and Conduct notices, Faculty board notices (all types), changes to exam regs, congregation lists, student awards, class-lists, University appointments etc

All submissions to

Reporter specials:
Fellows Reporter: 1 July each year
Faculty lists: initial entries by mid July; final revisions by 16 Oct
Roll of the Regent House: corrections to be returned by date stated in draft Roll

Above submissions and corrections to