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No 6256

Wednesday 22 February 2012

Vol cxlii No 21

pp. 464–481



4 March, Sunday. Preacher before the University at 11.15 a.m., Rt Rev. Dr A. Jackelen, Bishop of Lund (Hulsean Preacher).

5 March, Monday. End of third quarter of Lent term.

6 March, Tuesday. Discussion at 2 p.m. in the Senate-House (see below).

16 March, Friday. Full Term ends.

Discussions at 2 p.m.


6 March

21 March, Wednesday at 11 a.m. (Installation of the Chancellor)

20 March

24 March, Saturday at 10 a.m.

Notice of a Discussion on Tuesday, 6 March 2012

The Vice-Chancellor invites those qualified under the regulations for Discussions (Statutes and Ordinances, p. 107) to attend a Discussion in the Senate-House, on Tuesday, 6 March, at 2 p.m., for the discussion of:

1. Report of the General Board, dated 8 February 2012, on the establishment of a Professorship of Sustainable Reaction Engineering (Reporter, 2011–12, p. 456).

2. Report of the General Board, dated 8 February 2012, on the establishment of Professorships of Politics, Engineering, and Genetics (Reporter, 2011–12, p. 457).

Joint Report of the Council and the General Board on a retirement policy for University staff: Notice and announcement of Ballot

20 February 2012

The Council has considered the remarks at the Discussion on 24 January 2012 of its Joint Report with the General Board on a retirement policy for University staff (Reporter, 2011–12, p. 431). It notes that, of the 13 persons who spoke, five spoke against the proposal to maintain the current retirement age of certain University officers and eight spoke in favour, some with reservations. In view of the importance of the proposed policy, the Council, with the concurrence of the General Board, has agreed to submit a Grace to the Regent House (Grace 3, p. 475) for the approval of the recommendations in the Report and, in accordance with Regulation 7 of the regulations for Graces and Congregations of the Regent House (Statutes and Ordinances, p. 108), it has determined that a vote will be taken on the Grace according to the timetable set out below. The Council intends to promote one or more fly-sheets to be circulated with the ballot papers that will address, inter alia, specific points raised in the Discussion.

In accordance with Regulation 9 of the regulations for Graces and Congregations of the Regent House (Statutes and Ordinances, p. 108) any written proposals of amendments to this Grace, accompanied by the signatures of at least twenty-five members of the Regent House who support the proposal, should be sent to the Vice-Chancellor by 4 p.m. on Friday, 2 March 2012.


The Council gives notice that a vote will be taken by postal ballot under the Single Transferable Vote Regulations (Statutes and Ordinances, p. 118) on Grace 3 of 22 February 2012.

In connection with this ballot the Registrary will arrange for the printing and circulation of any fly-sheet, signed by ten or more members of the Regent House, which reaches him by 1 p.m. on Thursday, 15 March 2012. Fly-sheets must bear, in addition to the signatures, the names and initials (in block capitals) of the signatories (Statutes and Ordinances, p. 112). Voting papers and fly-sheets will be distributed to all members of the Regent House on or before Tuesday, 17 April 2012; the last date for the return of voting papers will be Friday, 27 April 2012.

North West Cambridge: update on progress and the development of proposals for a first phase: Notice

The University last summer gave authority (Grace 2 of 15 June 2011) for the submission of a planning application for University land at North West Cambridge. The new Syndicate for the West and North West Cambridge Estates is conscious that these development plans are of interest to many within the University, and will endeavour to ensure that matters of substance are publicized through further timely updates in the Reporter, rather than leaving them to be included in a Report on the next occasion that University approval is sought. This is the first such update.

The outline planning application was submitted in September 2011, and current indications are that the consideration by the local authorities of the outline planning application for the whole site will not be complete before late summer 2012.

The Council reported in October (Reporter, 2011–12, p. 82) that it had decided to take forward detailed planning work for a Phase 1 at North West Cambridge preparatory to presenting a case for such a development to the Regent House during the course of 2012. As part of that package of work, a competition to appoint architects for the University elements of the project has been initiated (see This initial design work will be carried out within the budget already authorized by the Council.

The intention remains that the financial appraisal of the potential Phase 1 will be refreshed and updated in the summer of 2012, with a view to a Report to the University in the Michaelmas Term.

Response to remarks made at the Discussion on 7 February: Notice by the Editor

In the Reporter of 15 February 2012, a Notice was published in reply to Discussion remarks on the Annual Reports of the Council and the General Board and Reports and Financial Statements for 2010–11 (Reporter, 2011–12, p. 453). Under the sub-heading OIA Pathway 3 Consultation, the Notice observed that Professor Evans (who had made remarks on this matter) ‘commented in particular on statements in that response relating to Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) in which, as Chief Executive of the Improving Dispute Resolution Advisory Service for Further and Higher Education, she has a particular interest.’ The Editor of the Reporter wishes to clarify that the phrase ‘particular interest’ in reference to Professor Evans’s position as Chief Executive of IDRAS was not intended to imply that Professor Evans had any financial or directly personal interest that she should have declared when she pointed out in her remarks that Alternative Dispute Resolution was worth considering by the University.

Provisional student headcount data: Notice

The Student Statistics Office has now published early provisional student headcount data for 2011–12, which is now available on the web at